This passenger 1380/1580 boat is fiberglass high speed boat for commercial purpose, for passenger transportation.  The bow adopts catamaran design, which improves the speed, and at the same time increase stability.  The inside cabin decoration has two types: normal cabin type with 34 passenger seats fitted for passenger transportation, and the VIP cabin type with luxurious decoration and sofa especially fitted for sightseeing and business negotiation.The  cabin has a seperate toilet room. It can also be customized according to your requirements. The boat is a double deck boat, the upper deck can be used for sightseeing or luggage storage. The boat also has complete marine equipments like console, driver seat, stainless steel rails, nav. lights, switch panel, radio, fuel tanks and so on. And the applicable engine types are 2 pieces of 220HP inboard engine or sterndrive engine.

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  • Bestyear Passenger 1380 And 1580 Boat
  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Passenger:
  • Engine:
    inboard diesel or outboard
  • Speed:
    15kn to 22kn

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