This 10m passenger boat is a fiberglass boat for passenger transfer, it has two types, one type length 9.8m for river, another is length 10m for sea. The inside decoration of cabin has two type: passenger seats or sofa. the boat equipped with console,two driver seats,passenger seats with cushion, fuel tank,bilge pump, s/s rails,nav.lights,etc.It can optional equipped with hydraulic steering system, inboar or outboard engine,anchor motor,CD player,VHF,GPS,radar,etc.

Sea coast type details:

Length 10m
Width 2.82m
Passenger 20 persons
Engine inboard or outboard engine

River type details:

Length 9.8m
Width 2.7m
Passenger 20persons
Engine Inboard or Outboard engine

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  • Sea coast or river boat Passenger boat 10m
  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Passenger:
    20 persons
  • Engine type:
    inboar or outboard engine

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