Flybridge 103ft Luxury Yacht.The 103ft luxury yacht is highlighting fashion style,open design can fully connect with outdoor The choice of high quality wood and fabric, bring you luxury feeling at the same time and give you the feeling of home. The 103ft luxury yacht is a super luxury yacht with perfect performance.The design of three layers provide you adequate and spacious entertainment space.The cabin is equipped with a deluxe master room, a VIP room and three guest rooms.Master bedroom with King -size bed,leather sofas and teeter's bathing facilities, make the whole space filled with comfortable and elegant atmosphere.Other rooms are also designed with sophisticated equipment.The same layer has an open kitchen, can meet the needs of large party or family cooking.

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  • 103ft Yacht
  • Length overall:
  • Breath overall:
  • Water line length:
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  • Engine:
    2 inboard engine

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