The ship type is optimized by BESTYEAR for the market, with minimum resistance and good seakeeping performance. The ship is a round bilge in the middle, with a short angle line at the tail, a single deck and a single bottom ship with a raised deck at the head, and an all aluminum alloy welded structure. The ship is driven by two high-speed marine diesel engines, equipped with two efficient propellers.

This ship is mainly used for short distance transportation, and can carry 399 passengers. It is a high-speed passenger ship with a sailing time of no more than 2 hours at operating speed when the ship is fully loaded from the port of departure to the port of arrival. The design navigation area of the ship is coastal navigation area, A2 sea area, which can be used for night navigation.

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  • A Ready new PB4200B Aluminum Catamaran ferry for 399 passengers on sale
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